VISAS Cricket Festival

Victoria International Six‑a‑Side (VISAS) Cricket Festival

The Victoria International Six‑a‑Side Cricket Festival, known as VISAS, has been held every second year since 1986 and welcomes teams from around the world to compete in a shortened, fast-paced version of cricket. The next VISAS is scheduled for August 03‑11, 2012.
Traditional cricket is played by teams of eleven players and a match can take anywhere from a few hours to five days to complete. Six‑a‑side cricket is a modified version of the game (similar perhaps to three‑on‑three basketball or seven‑a‑side rugby) which uses fewer players, takes less time and produces a lot of spectacular action. A typical VISAS match lasts about 75 action-packed minutes.

The 2012 edition of VISAS will be the 14th festival held since the inaugural VISAS in 1986. Over the years we have welcomed teams from Australia, New Zealand, England, Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong, the West Indies, Isle of Man, Bangladesh, and the Bahamas. In addition, teams from New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, and Dallas have visited from the USA, while Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver have come from across Canada.
The coming tournament will feature teams from Australia, New Zealand, England, Italy, Mexico, and the USA, as well as local teams.

The summer of 2012 sees the City of Victoria mark 150 years and VISAS is proud to be part of the celebrations. It’s a fitting match as cricket has a long and rich history in Victoria, and VISAS certainly owes much of its popularity over the past quarter-century to the fact that Victoria is a beautiful and welcoming city to visit.
For a full list of Victoria 150 events please see the online Program Guide.

During the tournament there are six games a day being played at Beacon Hill Park in Victoria and Windsor Park in Oak Bay, between 9:30am and 5:30pm. Round-robin tournament play is scheduled for August 04, 05, 06, 08, and 10, with the playoff rounds taking place on August 11.
Admission is free and there is plenty of room around the park for excellent viewing of the action. Food and refreshments will be available on all game days.