THIS AGREEMENT is made this day of _______________ BETWEEN the Secretary and the President of Cricket Club _______________(the Club) (1) and (the Professional) (2).WHEREBY IT IS AGREED as follows:

1. The Professional agrees to become the Cricket Professional for the Cricket season and for the remuneration and SUBJECT to the terms and conditions hereinafter contained.

2. The period of the engagement will commence on the day of and will terminate on the day of inclusive (the season).
PROVIDED ALWAYS that should the season be extended for any reason by the VDCA then the Professional shall engage himself to perform his duties as herein provided for such extended period and for the remuneration set out hereinafter SUBJECT ONLY to the terms set out hereinafter relating to the engagement of an alternative Professional.

3. During the said season the Professional shall

(a) Devote his whole time and attention and use his best endeavours to promote the interests and welfare of the said Club and will not engage in business not contemplated by this agreement without the written consent of the Club and its duly authorised Agent or Officer.
(b) At all times obey the instructions of and conform in all respects to the arrangements made for the Club by the President or his nominee.
(c) If and when selected to play shall play in the following Cricket matches unless prevented by illness, accident or injury. (1) All United Victoria Cricket Club first team matches including Cup matches that may be arranged by the League or Club for the season be they home or away or taking place on a neutral ground and on whatever day and times of the week they may be fixed to take place. (2) All other matches promoted and/or organised by the Club and/or Cricket League
(d) The Professional further agrees that he will not play in any other Cricket matches (including matches where the Professional is asked to play as a substitute Professional) without the prior approval of the Club being obtained.

4. The Club shall pay the Professional the sum of by way of remuneration the method of payment being as set out in the schedule subject nevertheless to a retention of not less than 20% of the agreed sum which shall be payable upon satisfactory completion of the contract.


a) That subject always to the constraints of the Rules of the League it the Professional is not able to fulfil his engagement with the Club as provided by this agreement for any cause whatsoever the Club shall arrange for a substitute to fulfil the Club’s League engagements and shall deduct from the remuneration of the Professional the cost of such substitute of substitutes. The Professional shall use his best endeavours to assist the Club in the engagement of a substitute Professional.

(b) That it the Professional shall be reason of sickness or injury be totally incapacitated from playing Cricket for the remainder of the term of this Agreement then the Club may by notice in writing under the hand of the President UVCC or his nominee given or sent to the Professional at his last known address determine this Agreement as from the date of such notice or any later date. The Professional shall thereupon be entitled to salary due up to the date on which this Agreement was determined.

(c) That in the event of determination of this Agreement due to injury of the Professional such medical condition will be substantiated by a fully registered B.C. VDCA Insurance $25 acceptable to both parties. (Paid by Club )

(d) That should the Professional commit any breach of this Agreement or neglect his duties or any portion thereof or be deemed guilty of misconduct by the Committee of the Club or of the League the Club shall be at liberty to make such deduction from his remuneration as the Club may in its absolute discretion think fit or may in the event of serious neglect of misconduct by written notice terminate this Agreement forthwith paying to the Professional such proportion of his remuneration as may be then due.

6. During the period of this Agreement the Professional shall be subject to the rules of United Victoria Cricket Club and the VDCA Cricket League as if he were a member of those organisations and shall be subject to the disciplinary procedures laid down within those rules. Copies of such rules have been supplied to the Professional prior to the signing hereof.

SIGNED for and on behalf of ______________________ UVCC Cricket Club :

President __________________________

Secretary __________________________

SIGNED by the said Professional

Professional ________________________

Dated _____________