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The United Victoria Cricket Club (UVCC) was formed in 2009. UVCC felt that there is enough young talent in Victoria to field a new cricket team. The aim of the club is to give a chance to new talent under the watchful eye of experienced players and groom them for years to come. As of now, UVCC has a really good mix of new and experienced players. UVCC periodically holds coaching sessions for youngsters and beginners to teach the basic cricket skills and working to build their interest in game of cricket.

UVCC won three cups in their inaugural year, including:

  • Payne Cup (Round Robin competition) (2009,2010,2011,2012)
  • Times Colonist Cup   Hat Trick   (Play-off champion ) (2009,2010,2011,2012)
  • VDCA T20 Cup (2010,2011)
  • World Cup (2008,2009) (as Pakistan)

Meet the team

UVCC’s efforts for the improvement of cricket Victoria, on and off the field were greatly appreciated by VDCA at their annual dinner in 2009 and 2010. In recognition of these efforts UVCC players have won the Volunteer of the Year and Sportsman of the Year trophies.

 UVCC is always looking for new and young talent. If you are passionate about cricket and want to learn and improve your cricket skills then please contact us or register here

Club statistics in VDCA tournaments

Pos Club Total Matches Points
1 United Victoria CC 87 314.98
2 Cowichan C&SC 115 205.97
3 Carico CC 95 189.37
4 Albion CC 114 171.87
5 Pigs Trotters CC 28 143.00
6 Alcos CC 133 136.69
7 Incogs CC 109 114.26
8 Colts CC 37 76.46
9 University of Victoria 4 6.48
10 Metchosin CC 107 6.25







UVCC has the most number of points and ranks first in VDCA rankings

Points Breakdown

Details Points
Total Matches 87
Count of team wins 320.00
Count of games where team score is >250 and win=yes 14.00
Count of games where team score is <100 and win=yes 21.00
Count of team loses -42.50
Count of games where team score is >250 and win=yes 3.50
Count of games where team score is <100 and win=yes -1.02
Final Points    =    Total Points / Total Matches           314.98


Read about UVCC constitution here

Board of Directors

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