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Cricket is a very popular sport in Victoria and around the world involving people of all ages.Canada has a national team which has represented the country at the top level i.e. Cricket World Cup for last 12 years.

UVCC has been running for overthree years now and has done remarkably well.We have won three successive Victoria league championships and has represented Victoria three times in Vancouver to compete for BC Championship. During this time the club has introduce vast young talent to league under the watchful eyes of seniors who have gained great respect from the league for their volunteer work.UVCC also has very strong links to its local community and regularly holds training sessions for young children at the club expense.

We are very proud of our achievements and the hard work of a lot of people connected with the club has led to many on-field successes. During the Victoria and Vancouver inter-league match 5 of 11 players selected from UVCC and the other players were selected from six clubs across Victoria.

However, there are many expenses connected with running UVVC and we rely solely on funding from club members,our own fundraising events, and the support of local businesses.

UVCC’s major expenses include paying our share of the upkeep costs of the community centre, cricket fields, coaching clinics for new players, training equipment for all players, and travel costs during regular season. We were hoping that sponsoring a locally involved and established organization will be of interest to you.

In return for your sponsorship we would wear your company logo on the UVCC uniform and equipment, you would be listed as our key sponsor on our club and the Victoria and District Cricket Association websites and in all media correspondence. As you are probably aware our teams are featured regularly on the sports pages of the local papers and our representation in Vancouver has twice listed us on their website and in local Vancouver newspapers. Our matches are also well attended by local parents and an increasing number of spectators from the local community.

We can provide you with further details and a full break down of the likely sponsorship costs. Please contact Atif Khan – Club Personal Relation and Development Officer for further details or contact us here.

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Atif Khan, Club PR/Development Officer & Rep to VDC 

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Download the sponsorship package here.

Sponsorship Package